Our company specialises not only in the supply of top quality furniture to offices but also in making various types of lighting. We do our best to ensure the work and products we deliver satisfy the customers who entrusted us. As the needs of our clients are very versatile, our offer also has to be flexible to ensure we can accommodate all types of requests. Thus lighting for companies makes a significant part of our offer.

What kind of lighting is invaluable in offices?

Lighting can be divided in two separate categories. First includes lighting which is in line with health and safety regulations, adapted to the employees’ needs and the office environment (i.e. the division of workstations and access to sunlight). The preparation of such lighting is developed by a designer who visits the site and prepares detailed designs according to the health and safety rules. The most frequently used type of lamp is a fluorescent lamp in raster frames; however, our offer includes other types of lighting as well including the popular LED-lighting. Before we deliver any lighting project, we identify specific needs of the customers. We are more than happy to provide support and advice in choosing the best solution. Lighting for companies should be carefully chosen keeping in mind the wellbeing of the employees and customers who want to be located in well-lit environment.

Unique lighting means a unique atmosphere!

Our offer also includes unique, custom-made lighting. This refers to decorative lighting, presented in the prime location of the company. Lighting of reception desks with invisible LED strips in various colours matching the logo of the company is just one example. Decorative luminaires are often used in rest zones of the office or VIP rooms where our designers would propose an elegant solution. Our offer covers also specialist lighting (prosthetic office equipment project) and advertising lighting. An interesting example of our work may be seen in the elegant conference hall in the rector‘s office of a University in the south of Poland. We designed and installed illumination of the rare minerals exposed in the display cabinets by using hidden light emitting diodes in tiny tubes around the exhibits.

We ensure the lighting we design and install for companies taking into consideration the aesthetical appeal. We use different technologies which enable our customers to choose the right kind of lighting, adapted to the specific needs of every company’s premises.

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