Interior Design of Comfortable Office in Warsaw

This time we would like to share with you one of our assignments, which involved a comprehensive interior design for a large commercial company in Warsaw. A comfortable office which was the focus of this project is the headquarters of two business units that belong to the same company – one of them deals with commerce and the other one with financing. However, the activities of the two business units are interwoven with each other to such an extent that a decision was taken to locate them in a very comfortable, cosy, multi-storey high office building.



Though the overall project implementation was initially planned for 7 business days, it was completed rapidly within two days (we worked night – day – day continuously). The Customer was very keen on project completion as soon as possible and on launching its business activities in a new office immediately. Another crucial factor that influenced project execution was the fact that the lift could be used only after business hours and at night. We decided to allocate as many resources as possible to this project. Furthermore, we decided that on the first night we will transport all the equipment, and then on consecutive days we will do our best to install it as quickly as possible. We succeeded in delivering the project in express service. Consequently, the customer could start to move to the new, fully comfortable office, equipped with high quality furniture, already after two days of our work.



At the office entrance there is a reception desk with a counter which matches the style of other office elements. The waiting room is undoubtedly an eye-catching element of the office, which is characterized by a vibrant orange colour. The underlying idea was to differentiate this element of office space from other office areas.



The main element of the office is a vast open space, which was designed with an intention to offer each employee maximum comfort at work. The concept was implemented, among others, by allocating a lot of space among work stations and using several especially delivered acoustic armchairs, screened from three sides with sound absorbing fabric. These armchairs can be used by a person who would like to make a telephone call or have a conversion with another person in private. Thanks to that solution both telephone conversation and natural open space background noise are not in conflict with each other.


Each employee working in open space has at their disposal a non-standard, large writing desk, with 160 x 80 cm dimensions, equipped with a sliding top (with an easy access to cabling). The bench layout of writing desks was very carefully planned – there are work stations for 2, 4 or 6 persons – the work team is formed on the basis who likes whom and feels well in the other person’s company. This is not the end of solutions that enhance work comfort to the largest possible extent – additionally all fabrics used for interdesk panels were taken from a non-standard pattern book and we delivered them upon special Customer’s request. The fabrics are made in 100% of wool, and they are pleasant to touch and look splendid. This is one of the characteristics that give us confidence to say that this office is equipped with high quality furniture. Certainly each employee has at their disposal a work container. Meanwhile to each bench layout an additional spacious documentation cabinet was allocated.



Key premises that required special care regarding high quality furniture, were two offices of managing directors. On one hand the customer was keen to make these offices look exclusive and, on the other hand, the customer wanted functional solutions. Thus, we decided that all furniture that will be in these offices will be made of durable, abrasion resistant and easy to maintain eco-leather. In this case the colour consistency was also important and it is hard to achieve colour consistency when natural leather is applied. Both small tables, cabinets and armchairs (including director’s armchair, equipped with the seat not pressing thigh arteries and adjustable armrests), have chromium-plated elements, which further enhances interior aesthetics. An interesting detail was also the application of white seams for black eco-leather used for bucket seats for visitors – such contrast is currently a very popular interior design trend. The crowning of high quality furniture in two director’s offices were writing desks, in which three materials such as wood, metal and glass, were combined perfectly. The directors have also sideboards at their disposal. The sideboards are equipped with openable back with additional space for cabling and the so called pencil box (the narrowest drawer on the top).


The transitions between individual office areas are very smooth, which may be evidenced by the fact that 11 managerial offices were separated with glass walls. The managerial offices were also equipped with high quality furniture, additionally enriched with several elements that were added following a special request of personnel working there. First and foremost, we gave up sliding worktops and we replaced them with wide cable bushes with closable flaps, and underneath cable ducts run at the full width of the writing desk. Additionally, at the bottom of writing desks we also fixed covers.



Like in every large office an important role is played by conference rooms. Here two largest rooms of this type were designed (which by means of a sliding wall can be combined into one large room) and several smaller rooms – designated mainly for in-house meetings. The major challenge for us was to deliver special furniture made to measure for conference rooms which had to take into account the specific features of individual rooms (for instance pillars present in conference rooms). Certainly all writing desks were equipped with indispensable media ports. In every, even the smallest conference room, blinds can be lowered, which gives the feeling of privacy during organised meetings.


In the office there is also a large kitchen and a small room used for day-to-day catering services delivered to conference rooms. All that in close vicinity of open space workers, which, as mentioned above, gives a feeling of smoother transition from one office area to another.



To sum up the Customer was keen primarily to develop a modern, comfortable office, equipped with high quality furniture for its personnel. Picking up individual elements of interior design the employer made usually decisions driven by appearance, functionality and comfort rather than economic aspect. This is the best evidenced by the fact that the delivered furniture contains all tops (writing desk worktops, doors, front and back of cabinets) made using state-of-the-art technology – each edge is melted down into the board structure using a laser beam. Consequently, the board is highly damp-proof and resistant to mechanical damage and no gaps at all will prevent any kind of parasite from developing inside the boards. Also, built-in wardrobes do not belong to standard office equipment, because their backs are made of solid wood, and additionally they are equipped with soft close doors and espagnolette locks, locked at 3 points – hard to force, which is crucial from safety perspective.

All solutions described above can be seen in the photo gallery attached below – you are welcome to take a closer look at them!